About us

Human Capacity Group (HCG) is the world´s knowledge marketplace for education. HCG is an exclusive network of executives and education experts who share insights and get access to unique benefits, events and opportunities. We have a large network for executives and education experts that we invite to become client Advisors.

Our clients are typically commercial education or investment companies looking for information about trends, markets, projects, solution landscapes and other elements in education.

Advisors consult with our clients over the phone or in person, through small group meetings, longer-term projects or board opportunities. The compensation depends on your background, expertise and client negotiations. Positions and project participation are always at the Advisor´s discretion.

Your commitment on time for each client is aligned fully with you on each assignment.

As an Advisor to HCG, you can have confidentiality on any project that you consult on. If you do not want to be visual on our websites and communication, HCG only introduces clients to you, after receiving your written acceptance.

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